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Low-Calorie Food Products

CEDAR LAKE FOODS offers a variety of low calorie vegetarian and vegan foods so you can have healthy and convenient food stocked in your pantry.

Don't forget to visit our recipe pages to discover some great new dinners which use our great-tasting dehydrated food products. At your next meal, your friends and family won't believe they're eating vegetarian because it all tastes so good!

Chicken Patty Mix
Low-Fat, Gluten-Free, Low-Calorie

Tofu Links
Vegan, Fat-Free, Low-Calorie

Did you know?

Cedar Lake Foods offers many tantalizing vegetarian food and healthy lifestyle options such as:

In order to fit your lifestyle and family needs, we offer our products in a variety of forms such as:

Need Dinner in 30 Minutes?

Chicken Strips Enchiladas


Grab a can of CEDAR LAKE Chik'n Strips and you're half way to a family-pleasing Mexican-style dinner!

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