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Cedar Lake Foods is a Safe Quality Food (SQF) supplier

Cedar Lake MGM Foods is proud to announce that we are a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Code 7 th Edition Level 2 supplier recently re-certified by the SQF Institute, a division of the Food Marketing Institute. The SQF Institute's certification provides customer assurance that food has been handled at the highest standards throughout the production process.

This certification is given only after a thorough multi-day audit. The audit covers every aspect of food safety and quality. It includes site construction, maintenance, personnel hygiene and processing practices, building and equipment sanitation, food safety programs, HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practices, and any and all other areas related to producing the safest and highest quality food.

We appreciate you our customer and wanted to share with you our commitment to continual improvement and production of safe quality foods.


NEW! Corn Pups are now here!

Remember going to the carnival and in line for those incredibly corn dogs deep fried to perfection?

Introducing CEDAR LAKE CORN PUPS - our answer to those late night yearnings for a taste from the past.

Conveniently located in a freezer near you, these tasty treats are sure to bring back great family memories!


Did you know?

Cedar Lake Foods offers many tantalizing vegetarian food and healthy lifestyle options such as:

In order to fit your lifestyle and family needs, we offer our products in a variety of forms such as:

Need Dinner in 30 Minutes?

Chicken Strips Enchiladas


Grab a can of CEDAR LAKE Chik'n Strips and you're half way to a family-pleasing Mexican-style dinner!

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